Amaze (Formerly Autism Victoria)

The peak body of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in Victoria. 

Do 2 Learn

An online store that stocks a range of Educational resources for individuals with identified needs.

Asperger Syndrome Support Network (Victoria)

A volunteer group of individuals living with Asperger’s Syndrome advocating for enhanced understanding, education and support.

Useful Apps for iPhones or iPads

Avakid: see me go potty

Toilet training app that visually portrays the steps involved in going to the toilet independently. 


A visual scheduling tool for assisting children to successfully partake in daily routines, learn to regulate their emotions and enhance social skill development

iCreate…Social Skills Stories

Allows you to create personalised social stories to promote the learning of different social skills.

Smile at me

An engaging app that encourages children to practice smiling sociably at others.

Time Timer Apps

Colourful circles that visually represent the passing of time. Useful for visual learners…great for all children!